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Modalities Accredited by the CMASA

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia Ltd (CMASA) membership is opened for qualified practitioners of Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Remedial Massage), who meet the accreditation standard.

CMASA membership is only available for the following modalities:

·Chinese Herbal Medicine


·Remedial Massage

Membership Categories:

Life Member – Any CMASA full member who successfully meet all criteria as Fellow member and has made exceptional significant contributions to CMASA in the prospects of developments and progressions of the society with positive outcomes. Life members enjoy the full benefits of fellow and full member with annual membership exempted.

The life member nomination may be made by fellow member or National and State committee member with 2 seconders. The nomination is then considered and investigated by designated council in the National Board of Committee and unanimous approval is needed.

Fellow Members – Any financial member wishes to become the Fellow of CMASA must meet the following criteria prior to his/her application is being considered :

1. Maintain continuum of membership annual dues of being a full financial member of CMASA.

2. Being a full financial member of the Society for at least 3 years or more; or actively participate in an accredited academic organisation as academician for more than 10 years; or has made exceptional significant contribution to CMASA.

3. At the time of application, the applicant has nil known criminal record or any medical malpractice record.

4. Be of good character.

Nomination and Approval:

1. Any full financial member can self-nominate or nominate other full financial member of the Society to be a Fellow of CMASA.

2. The Fellowship nomination form must be seconded by two Fellows prior to submitting to Fellowship Management Committee for consideration

3. Once application is received, Fellowship Management Committee will consider and investigate the application independently and make individual recommendation to the National Board of CMASA.

4. If the application is approved, the applicant will be conferred Fellowship in Annual Fellowship Conferment Ceremony.

5. At any time, the total number of Fellows should maintain within 5%-10% quota range of the total membership of CMASA.

Rights & Privilege:

1. Inaugural Fellow are known as Foundation Fellow of CMASA and are entitled to use post nominal of “FFCMASA”

2. Fellow are entitled to use post nominal of “FCMASA”

3. Fellows are considered as Senior Practitioner Member of the Society

4. Fellows shall be entitled to attend General Meetings of the Society as full member and vote at election General Meetings.

5. Fellows shall be entitled to be nominees to elect into the National Council and Fellowship Management Committee.

Full Member (Professional) – For practicing practitioners who hold valid registrations with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, CMBA, for acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners and Remedial Massage therapists who meet all criteria in The Course/Accreditation Assessment Criteria. This is the standard accredited CMASA membership category.

Members are entitled to all the rights and benefits of membership, including the right to vote and stand for election to the Board.

Full Members receive all Health Funds rebates whom CMASA is their recognised professional association in Australia as well as receiving access to ongoing continuing professional development via various forms of seminars and journals.

CMASA is a recognised professional association under the New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. This means that FULL members by CMASA in acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine are recognised professionals in relation to the provision of GST-free acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine services.

CMASA offers benefits for practising members such as low cost broad-form professional indemnity insurance and concessions on CPD courses and books.

Associate Member – For practitioners who satisfy all the criteria listed in Item 2 below, except Professional Indemnity Insurance, First Aid Certificate and CPD points and NOT currently practicing (not in business).

Associate Members are not entitled to vote or stand for election, but are entitled to participate in all other activities of the association. While Associate Members are not eligible for appointment to executive positions, they may be invited by the CMASA Board to sit on a Committee in an advisory capacity.

Provisional Member – Provisional membership is awarded when application has not met with ALL the CMASA Accredited requirements listed in this Assessment. Full membership may be awarded when the applicant meets all the criteria.

Provisional membership may be awarded to an applicant who meets ALL the qualification requirements for Member, but may be unable to supply all the necessary paperwork.

This refers to applicants who have met the requirements for graduation but are awaiting the formal awards ceremony. These applicants may be admitted as Provisional Members pending supply of a copy of the award on graduation.

Provisional Members are entitled to the same practice benefits as Members, but are unable to vote or stand for election until all the conditions on their membership have been completed.

Student Member – For students who are enrolled in Traditional Chinese Medicine Courses and Remedial Massage courses.

Student Members enjoy concessions on activities the Association organised. This includes a significant discount on the delegate rate for attendance at the CMASA Annual Conference. No membership fee for Student Members (free).

Other benefits include: Discount for CPD seminars and free journal of the Australian Journal of Chinese Medicine.

Student Members are not entitled to vote or stand for election of the CMASA Board.

News & Events

8 th World Natural Medicine Conference

The clinical, review and aspiration experience of Natural medicine includes all natural healing treatments- nutrition and diet therapy,

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First Aid Course CMASA NSW JUNE/JULY 2014

08 June 2014 Sunday 6:00 pm

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International Health Qigong workshop

Most of people only care sickness, not health! Sadly when sickness comes, suffering follows, either you have to take medicine for the rest of their life! Or life has gone!

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CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan NSW Seminar MAY/JUNE 2014

CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan NSW Seminar MAY/JUNE 2014

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CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan VIC Seminar MAY-SEPT. 2014

CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan VIC Seminar MAY-SEPT. 2014

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CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan QLD Seminar MAY/JUNE 2014

CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan QLD Seminar MAY/JUNE 2014

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CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan SA Seminar APRIL 2014

CMASA Da-Yi-Jiang-Tan SA Seminar APRIL 2014

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Henan TCM University Forum

Henan TCM University Forum

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2014 CMASA Fee Schedule

There have been some changes for 2014 CMASA fee Schedule as per approved by CMASA National Board of Committee on June 2013 National Board meeting.

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CMBA Renewal

Kindly reminding all registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners to renew registration before 30 November 2013.

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2013 CPD Record and CMBA

Please send us your 2013 CPD record page 1-4 and renew CMBA Registration Certificate for Health Fund Auditing via

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Many private health funds have been complaining about illegible hand writing receipts which cost high administration cost and low efficiency.

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HBF WA for Acupuncture

HBF requested all HBF providers to fill in HBF registration form.

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Level 2 First Aid Course

NSW:25 November 2013 Monday 6:20 pm; Venue :Ashfield Catholic & Community Club

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